6 Best Real Estate Website Builders for 2018

6 Best Real Estate Website Builders for 2018

A real estate website builder allows realtors to create an online presence to show properties for sale in an area and promote a realty brand to potential buyers. Six of 13 reviewed made the list based on price, features, ease of use, lead generation, and who it is best for in the real estate industry.

Top Six Real Estate Website Builders for 2018

Real Estate Website Builders
Best For
Placester (Best Overall) Realtors seeking an affordable website with basic lead generation and CRM.
Real Geeks Agents building a website with lead generation using Google AdWords and Facebook ads.
Zillow Premier Realtors wanting a free website builder with lead generation using Trulia or Zillow.
Chime Agents seeking a mid-priced, one-stop website builder with robust CRM and lead generation.
Easy Agent Pro Marketing-savvy agents wanting a website with post scheduling and blogging “done-for-you.”
BoomTown Brokers building a website to capture leads for several agents or larger teams.

How We Evaluated the Best Real Estate Website Builders

The best real estate website builder helps agents increase brand exposure and increase sales by easily creating an online space where buyers can find information about properties and contact the realtor. A real estate agent website builder should be affordable with attractive features and easy lead generation without heavy coding or painful implementation times.

These are the criteria we used to evaluate the best real estate website builders:

Placester is the best real estate website builder for agents who are on a budget, just starting out in the realty industry, or unsure where to begin to build an online presence. Combining a template-driven IDX website with a CRM and marketing automation tools to nurture leads through sales funnel, Placester is affordable with a free basic starter site for National Association of Realtors (NAR) members.

Shawn Breyer-real estate website builder

– Shawn Breyer, Owner, Breyer Home Buyers

Best Overall Best Real Estate Website Builder: Placester

Placester is best overall because it is an affordable real estate website builder starting at $99 with lead generation and built-in CRM. Placester is unique because an IDX site, lead capture forms, and marketing tools add value to the National Association of Realtors discount.

The combination of price point and features is right for individual agents and growing teams. With additional broker-centric team and lead management tools in the Broker Pro plan, Placester is appropriate for both realtors and brokers due to their features with special pricing for National Association of Realtor (NAR) members.

Placester Pricing

Placester has a partnership with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that includes a free basic website and price breaks for paid packages for members. The Agent Pro is $99 per month for individual realtor accounts. The Broker Pro package is $199 per month for extra team tools. Each package requires a yearly contract.

Placester Tiered Features

Free Website
Agent Pro
Broker Pro
Pricing (NAR members)
$99 month
$99 setup fee
$199 month
$199 setup fee
Agent Management Tools
1 agent
10 agents
Yearly Contract
IDX Website
Landing Pages
Content Library
Marketing Automation
Lead Capture Magnets
Lead Distribution Tools

Free Website

One of the biggest selling points for Placester is that it gives realtors exactly what they need to get started or establish their online brand: a free real estate website builder. The best reason to upgrade to a paid plan is the extra features needed after you build a website.

While other platform like Zillow offer free websites, they often do so with advertising. Placester gives you a free website without any third-party ads.

Agent Pro

The step up to Agent Pro plan at $99/month with a $99 setup fee adds the features that most agents expect from a real estate website builder, like a CRM for lead tracking and marketing automation for nurturing leads through the pipeline. Combined with a content library and lead capture magnets, this NAR-discounted plan makes Placester a great value.

The Agent Pro from Placester is just right for agents who already have a lead generation system like Wise Agent or BoldLeads. If you are seeking a robust real estate agent website builder with integrated advertising opportunities, then Real Geeks or Zillow are probably better choices.

Broker Pro

The advantage of Broker Pro from Placester is the ability to manage and distribute leads to up to 10 agents for $199/month (with a $199 setup fee). Without the high cost of BoomTown Advance or Chime Enterprise, Placester gives brokers the ability to move leads through the pipeline and track the efforts of agents.

Broker Pro is right for new brokers just starting their agencies and brokers who do not need excessive reporting abilities to track small office efforts. The Broker Pro plan with an NAR discount means mid-level features equal less than $20 each for 10 agents.

Placester Real Estate Website Builder (image via website)

What Placester Is Missing

Placester is missing a monthly plan to allow realtors to test all of the features before committing to an annual plan. Although there is a demo to give you a good idea of what Placester does and how it works, you might want to try the 14-day, $1 trial from Easy Agent Pro if a year contract seems like too long.

What Users Think About Placester

Most users report that Placester is an easy-to-use, affordable website builder with a very low learning curve. As Placester is now a part of the Keller-Williams and National Association of Realtors (NAR) networks, the discount makes it more cost effective. Find out more about Placester Pricing and Reviews.

Where to Find Placester

Learn more about Placester and the advantages of the NAR members discount by visiting their website. Register for their online demo to find out if Placester is the right choice for you.

Best for Google AdWords & Facebook Lead Generation: Real Geeks

Real Geeks takes the pain out of lead generation and advertising efforts with Facebook ads and Google AdWords managed campaigns. The reasonably-priced real estate website builder starts at $169, but Google AdWords and Facebook ad management range between $300 and $500, plus ad spend. This solution is perfect for agents and brokers who want to use their website to fill the sales funnel without managing campaigns.

Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks monthly pricing ranges between $169 and $199 with a $500 setup fee. Each additional agent/user is $25. Using Google AdWords for lead generation means an advertising expenditure should be included in the budget. “Done-for-you” advertising for Google AdWords means a $550-per-month plus ad spend, on top of $300 to $500 for ad management.

Real Geeks Features

The features for Real Geeks stack up positively against other real estate website builders because of the built-in advertising platform. The purpose of the Real Geeks real estate agent website builder is to showcase properties with dedicated landing pages and generate leads through lead capture magnets. The integrated social media and AdWords ad platforms can give a cold site a warm start.

Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

The Real Geeks platform offers easy-to-create landing pages to receive traffic and lead magnets to entice visitors to leave their contact information. Real Geeks uses a quick, easy drag-and-drop method for customizing landing pages and adding content. Real Geeks allows realtors to create pages to address each of their market segmentations, which turns a real estate website builder into a lead generation website.

CRM & Pipeline Management

Real Geeks offers a complimentary CRM as a part of their real estate website builder, with advertising incorporated into the mix. Like all of the other best real estate websites, Real Geeks CRM has marketing automation and pipeline management necessary to really engage and track leads through the buying cycle without the higher pricing of Chime or BoomTown.

Lead Generation & Advertising

The lead generation and advertising platforms are more robust in Real Geeks because of the dual approach of Google AdWords and Facebook ads to hit all of the high spots for traffic. Unlike Placester, which does not offer integrated lead generation, Real Geeks keeps pace with Zillow, Chime, and Easy Agent Pro in understanding the benefits of website advertising and filling the sales funnel all in one place.

Ease of Use

Real Geeks does a good job at organizing the multiple layers of a real estate website builder into an easy-to-use platform. Unlike Chime, Zillow, or BoomTown, Real Geeks understands the realtor who wants to build a lead generation website without spending excessive time trying to figure out the platform. If you are short on time and just want a beautiful real estate website to capture leads, then Real Geeks is a good choice.

Customer Service

Real Geeks responds to customer service requests through email and support tickets. Some people have noted that Real Geeks support can be slow to respond, but the reality is that the learning curve is very low. If service and support are a major concern for you, then you might want to look at Chime, Zillow, or Easy Agent Pro.

Real Geeks Website and Facebook Advertising (image via website)

What Real Geeks Is Missing

The Real Geeks setup fee of $500 can be hard to overcome for small to midsize realtors and agencies. Real Geeks might be a problem without a free trial to make sure that you love the features. If high setup fees without a free trial are an issue, then you might want to try Placester or Zillow. Zillow Premier Agent and Placester both offer free websites to test features.

What Users Think About Real Geeks

Many Real Geeks users report moving from other website builders like BoomTown to find more competitive pricing with good results. Some note that customer service is slow, but the platform is easy to learn. Find out more about Real Geeks reviews and pricing.

Where to Find Real Geeks

Real Geeks is the answer for realtors or brokers who are seeking a real estate website builder to generate leads using Facebook or Google Ads. Find out more about their advertising in the no-registration demo on their website.

Best Free Website Builder for Lead Generation through Zillow or Trulia: Zillow Premier Agent

real estate website builderZillow Premier is the best real estate agent website builder for realtors who want to generate leads through Zillow or Trulia. Because these websites are the biggest real estate sites in the world, leads generated through Zillow Premier Agent are warmer than those gained in targeted Facebook ads or Google AdWords offered by Real Geeks, Chime, or BoomTown.

With a free website for Zillow Premier Agents, the niche lead delivery system achieves two goals with one platform. You can build a website and create focused advertising streams to generate leads with Zillow Premier Agent.

Zillow Premier Agent Pricing

The price for Zillow Premier Agent ranges according to ZIP code and competition in your area. A lead might cost you $5 to $60, but there are upsides, including ad presentation on the largest realty sites—Zillow and Trulia—and a free IDX website with comprehensive CRM. Connect with Zillow to make sure of pricing, as it occasionally changes.

Zillow Premier Agent Features

Like Placester, Zillow offers a free IDX website with a robust CRM to capture leads and create opportunities for agents. Zillow Premier Agent is right for agents who want a real estate website builder to advertise to buyers and sellers.

Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

Zillow Premier Agent lead capture forms and magnets are greatly limited by the advertising module. Because Zillow Premier Agent focuses on providing a real estate website builder and CRM to use their own site to generate traffic and leads, the lead capture system is locked into pop-ups or on-page forms. You might want to examine Real Geeks or Chime if you are considering other advertising opportunities for your website.

CRM & Pipeline Management

Similar to Placester and Easy Agent Pro, which do not offer advertising services, Zillow Premier Agent CRM and pipeline management are a part of the free website. If you are seeking a really robust CRM included in your real estate agent website builder, however, then you might want to try Real Geeks or Chime.

Lead Generation & Advertising

Unlike general ads on Facebook and Google AdWords that interrupt buyers and sellers browsing for anything online, the agent can be sure that the leads generated through Zillow Premier Agent were captured when someone was in the mindset to buy or sell a home. For those realtors searching for a larger range of advertising opportunities, check out Real Geeks, Chime, and BoomTown.

Zillow Premier Agent (image via website)

Ease of Use

With a learning curve to move modules and navigate the platform like Chime and BoomTown, the slight heaviness of the platform is due to the advanced features and increase in modules. More features means more time to complete tasks, so it might feel complex in the beginning.

Customer Service

Zillow Premier Agent customer support is offered via chat, email, webinars, training, and events. It is understood that this niche real estate website builder with advanced features for marketing and advertising might be hard to manage.

What Zillow Premier Agent Is Missing

Zillow Premier Agent is designed for experienced realtors who want to generate leads through their IDX website. Some of the website building modules can be hard to maneuver for beginners and there is a noticeable learning curve on most of the platform. If you are not technologically savvy and ease of use is a concern, then you might want to try Placester or Easy Agent Pro.

What Users Think About Zillow Premier Agent

Most reviewers liked the quality of leads generated through Zillow Premier Agent and noted that it was relatively easy to use the real estate website builder. There was an overwhelming concern about the cost, however. Learn more about how Zillow Premier Agent works.

Where to Find Zillow Premier Agent

Find out more about Zillow Premier Agent through their website and chat with a representative about the costs associated each tier of services. You can sign up for your free website to test their real estate website builder.

Best Real Estate All-Inclusive Website Builder: Chime

Chime really is the best all-inclusive real estate website builder with advertising, automated marketing tools, and customer relationship management in a complete package at a reasonable price. Chime provides all of the features necessary to build a website, drive traffic, capture leads, and convert to sales. There is a starter plan for Chime without a real estate website builder, so upgrading to the Professional plan is a requirement for this list.

Chime Pricing

Chime starts at $318 for the Professional plan with basics like an IDX website, blog, and Power Dialer for bulk calls. The Accelerator plan increases to $475 per month and adds features like an advanced CRM, marketing automation, and lead distribution. There is an Enterprise plan with multiple users helpful for brokers or agencies.

Chime Tiered Features

The Professional plan fills in the missing pieces for the starter plan with a robust IDX website builder, including pipeline management, CRM, and sales reporting. Like Placester, a blog is not included at this level, which might be a problem for realtors who want to share information and SEO listings.

The Chime Professional plan is right for medium-sized agencies and brokers because the price and features are not a good fit for small realtors. The marketing automation, team chat, and office documentation cloud storage are good features for on-the-go agents and remote teams.

Chime Accelerator plan is focused on growth features like lead generation and advertising with enhanced marketing automation tools like texting and drip emails. Lead generation for Chime, like Zillow and Real Geeks, is considered an add-on feature that supplies leads to realtors with a minimum advertising budget starting at $500 with a 15 percent management fee. Chime does not guarantee a set number of leads, so you might want to check out Zillow or Real Geeks if this is a breaking point.

The Chime Accelerator plan is created for agencies that want to measure results against revenue. With forecasting and reporting that is unmatched by other entries on this list, Chime reporting gives office managers and brokers the ability to see details like closed deals, revenue, and predicted sales from an easy dashboard.

The basic benefit of the Enterprise plan is the enhanced customization and customer support from Chime. With broker tools for lead tracking and reporting combined with multi-agent access, Chime takes a big step up to meet the needs of larger agencies on this plan.

The Enterprise plan is a solution for scattered teams or real estate offices with teams in different cities. Like BoomTown and Placester, the Enterprise plan of Chime is designed to help bring all agents into one system with multi-agent and broker tools for transactions and reporting. With 24/7 phone support, Chime Enterprise is designed to help agencies as they grow.

Chime Real Estate Website Builder (image via website)

What Chime Is Missing

Some of the reporting and transaction modules add price and complexity. Chime is missing a lighter plan at a lower price without the excessive learning curve. Easy Agent Pro, Placester, and Real Geeks are all real estate website builders without extra transaction and reporting modules.

What Users Think About Chime

Most users were very happy with Chime due to robust features, IDX website, and CRM services. Some reviewers noted that the extra features added modules that could increase the learning curve and that customer service did not answer questions quickly or clearly. Learn more about Chime reviews and pricing.

Where to Find Chime

Find out more about all of the advanced, all-in-one features of the Chime platform on their website. The Chime demo will walk you through all of their features and how this real estate agent website builder can work for you.

Best Website Builder with Social Media Marketing: Easy Agent Pro

Easy Agent Pro is the best real estate builder for agents who want to incorporate social media into their marketing and lead generation efforts. For agents interested in trying social media posts and advertising to create their own thriving realty brand, Easy Agent Pro is a mid-priced real estate website builder starting at $159 and packed with tons of features.

Easy Agent Pro Pricing

The pricing for Easy Agent Pro starts at $159 for a full suite of LeadSite Pro services, including a website and CRM for lead capture with online advertising. The increase to LeadSite Plus is $259 for enhanced social media scheduling, text codes for tracking, and testimonial collection.

Easy Agent Pro Tiered Features

LeadSite Pro
LeadSite Plus
$159 per month
$259 per month
Social Media Scheduling
1 Network / 1 Post per Day
4 Networks / 10 Posts per Day
Phone/Chat: M-F 9-5 MST
Phone/Chat: M-F 9-5 MST
Text Codes
1 Code
20 Codes
IDX Website
Landing Pages
Blogging “Done For You”
Marketing Automation
Lead Capture Magnets
Lead Distribution Tools

LeadSite Pro

LeadSite Pro gives marketing-savvy realtors the ability to use a robust real estate website builder with all of the bells and whistles and add-ons you could possibly want for one network. Some of the high-level features for social media-conscious real estate agents are blogging twice a week, social media scheduling of one channel, and trackable text codes. With Facebook and Pinterest ad tracking, LeadSite Pro steps away from the competition.

LeadSite Pro is perfect for the social media-savvy realtor who understands the value of tracking ads, social media engagement, and publishing content for SEO and reader benefit. Unlike other real estate agent website builders, Easy Agent Pro is designed to engage with an online audience through social media and win leads in the social space.

LeadSite Plus

LeadSite Plus makes good into better with social media scheduling and posting for more channels combined with “texty codes” to capture buyers right in the middle of their buying micro-moment. More than just the ability to create the lead opportunity, LeadSite Pro recognizes the value of saving money by tracking the origin of the lead and the return on investment (ROI).

Easy Agent Pro LeadSite Plus is for the agent on-the-go and engaged in social media. A marketing-savvy agent will easily reap the benefits of the social scheduling and text tracking from this real estate website builder. For those not so technology- or social media-friendly, Real Geeks or Placester is probably a better choice.

Easy Agent Pro Real Estate Website Builder (image via website)

What Easy Agent Pro Is Missing

The features and apps in Easy Agent Pro can be overwhelming. While features and apps are designed to give users a customized experience, most agents probably would not have time to set up or use a large portion of the options.

What Users Think About Easy Agent Pro

Most reviewers are extremely happy with the ease of this real estate website builder. Packed with social media scheduling features and two blogs per week, Easy Agent Pro was well received for services and customer support. Learn more about Easy Agent Pro reviews and pricing.

Where to Find Easy Agent Pro

Find out more about the features of Easy Agent Pro on their website. Use their 14-day trial (for only a $1) to find out if Easy Agent Pro is right for you.

“For a scrappy founder, it feels like using a website builder should be a no-brainer. Why spend money on a developer when most of these builders have clean, editable templates that you can build from? Initially, I used a website builder as a temporary thing, just to have a site up, but quickly realized that I can just build and maintain the website myself.”

– Julia Kravets, Founder, Little Choc Apothecary

Best Real Estate Website Builder for Brokers: BoomTown

BoomTown is the real estate website builder for larger agencies and growing brokerages because the features and pricing are geared toward multiple agents. Brokers who are prepared to spend extra money for website solutions will understand the $750 starting price. The Launch package might seem steep—paired with a $750 onboarding fee—but the ability to distribute those costs over several agents makes it more manageable for brokers.

BoomTown Pricing

BoomTown has three packages that start at $750 per month with a matching setup fee. The steep step up to the Grow package doubles the price and the onboarding fee to $1,500 per month for CRM features. While this might sound expensive, brokers will appreciate the multi-agent approach to pricing.

BoomTown Tiered Features

BoomTown Launch is the jumping-off point for a real estate website builder with CRM and marketing automation. Because BoomTown Launch includes up to three agents in this package, lead distribution tools are added to the features at this level. In fact, lead generation tools are available at all levels of BoomTown, but, like Chime, Zillow, and Real Geeks, the price does not include advertising.

BoomTown is designed for brokers and large real estate firms. Although the cost seems to point toward a company with a larger bankroll, $750 for three agents (or $250 each) is competitive among high-end real estate website builders in the marketplace. If the $750 onboarding fee is a deal breaker, then you might want to consider Placester or Chime.

With third-party integration, pipeline management, and lead capture magnets to help a small teams develop into a big company, BoomTown Grow covers up to 10 agents in a remote or on-the-go office with a robust mobile app with lead tracking.

BoomTown Grow is best for brokers who are at the middle of their development cycle. With a price tag and onboarding fee that doubles the Launch level pricing, BoomTown Grow might be out of the range for even larger agencies that need similar features at a lower cost. Placester Broker Pro or Chime are lower cost options.

The biggest benefit of BoomTown Advance is the ability to expand out to include more than 10 agents with one real estate website builder platform. In-depth reporting data can help managers and decision-makers with performance and expenditure choices.

Like Real Geeks, Chime, and Zillow Agent Pro, BoomTown monthly fees for a real estate website builder do not include lead generation. Advertising and lead generation add a monthly fee to drive traffic to the website.

Advance is a great choice for an office seeking a real estate website solution for more than 10 agents. Advance from BoomTown is comparable to Chime Enterprise for features and price. Brokers will appreciate the coordination of many agents in one place and quick reporting on their sales efforts.

BoomTown Real Estate Website Builder (image via website)

What BoomTown Is Missing

BoomTown is missing a free trial to help users understand their investment and get comfortable with the real estate website builder before spending money. At this price point, BoomTown is clearly aimed at larger agencies and brokerages, so if price is a concern, then you might want to try the trial from Easy Pro Plus or the moderately-priced Enterprise package from Chime.

What Users Think About BoomTown

Reviewers agree that BoomTown is significantly more expensive than the competition, but well worth the cost if it is within your budget. Some reviewers noted that there was a sharp learning curve due to the amount of features, but the value received in learning how to use BoomTown was excellent. Find out more about BoomTown reviews and pricing.

Where to Find BoomTown

Learn more about the robust features of BoomTown on their website. You can set up a free demo to find out if BoomTown is right for you.

Real Estate Website Builder Price Comparison

Real Estate Website Builders
Agent Pro
Broker Pro
$99 per month
$199 per month
Real Geeks
1-2 Agents:
3-9 Agents:
10+ Agents:
$169 per month
$199 per month
$239 per month
$500 setup fee
Zillow Premier
$5-60 per lead depending on location & competition
Easy Agent Pro
Lead Site Pro:
Lead Site Plus:
$159 per month
$259 per month
$316 per month
$475 per month
Call for pricing
$750 with $750 onboarding
$1,500 with $1,500 onboarding
Call for pricing

Bottom Line: Real Estate Website Builder

These six best real estate agent website builders are good choices depending on your budget, size of your realty office, and goals for your online presence. Considerations for the best real estate website builders focused on price, features, and ease-of-use.

Based on these criteria, Placester checked all of the boxes for affordability, robust features, and ease of use with well-designed website templates. The CRM helps manage leads through automated marketing with drip emails and follow-up campaigns to nurture contacts through the sale without breaking your budget.

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