Real Estate Agent Uses Hilariously Posed 12-Foot Skeletons to Fill Her Properties for Halloween (LOOK)

Real Estate Agent Uses Hilariously Posed 12-Foot Skeletons to Fill Her Properties for Halloween (LOOK)

A real estate agent in Washington D.C. has gone turbo this Halloween by decorating the homes she has been showing with 12-foot skeletons.

54-year-old Donna Kerr felt that people could use an extra laugh this spooky holiday season as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 outbreaks.

“I think it’s like a bit of breath of fresh air—a bright spot in the constant heavy news of the day,” said Kerr, who bought the skeletons at Home Depot for $300 apiece.

“I just wanted to bring a smile to everyone who saw them—the more smiles the better.”

An avid lover of the spooky season, Donna has adorned her own front yard with armies of smaller skeletons in the past.

This October, she used her personal style of spooky décor to festoon her real estate properties with the 12-foot models instead.

This hilarious photo series captures some of Kerr’s decorations in action as the skeletal partygoers are depicted posing by the stove, lounging on the couches, and even washing in the shower.


“They take about two hours to pose,” said Kerr. “It’s really a fun way to get more exposure for clients and for the community to come out and see the skeletons as well.”


The enormous bags of bones work particularly well in homes with unusually high ceilings.


“These skeletons don’t fit in any normal house with eight-foot ceilings,” mused Kerr.


A real estate agent of 23 years, Kerr says she and her team at the Donna Kerr Group always try to make real estate more enjoyable for their clients and their community.


The company has done Halloween decorations in the past, but they have never pulled off anything to this scale—but Kerr says they’ve been receiving lots of positive feedback about the setup.

“It’s been amazing. People have really loved it,” she said.


All of the skeletons will be on tour for the remainder of October at properties Kerr and her team are showing.


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