Sydney Real Estate Rushes To Post Belated Happy New Year Wishes To His Overlords — The Betoota Advocate

Sydney Real Estate Rushes To Post Belated Happy New Year Wishes To His Overlords — The Betoota Advocate


A Sydney man with literally no Chinese friends, who sells property in an affluent suburb entirely made up of old rich retirees and vacant investment properties has today wished a 新年快乐 to his followers.

Even though it’s two days late, Angus is hopeful his overlords will appreciate his acknowledgement the millennia old celebration that his boss only informed him about at 3pm this afternoon.

However, the 31-year-old says the reason for the belated post is that he was a little caught up panicking over the fact that the value of Sydney’s property market is showing signs of crashing, after only a 10% rise in value across the city.

It’s a shocking trend that might actually result in Angus having to look up from his phone during inspections and do something that looks remotely like work.

While the tradition of well wishing on different cultural days of importance is commonplace throughout Sydney City and other metropolitan areas around Australia, the fact that Angus has only posted this meme through his three different work profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin suggests he doesn’t really care about how happy the local Chinese restaurant’s New Year is.

Much like the flyers his real estate agency posts to the walls in Sydney’s airport train station, this particular social media post isn’t necessarily targeting first home buyers which is what you’d usually expect from the social media accounts of an under-skilled agent who’s only work in this field because his app didn’t work out.

However, as Angus told his friends over a few lines of rack on his dad’s boat over the weekend, it’s “much easier to flog a place to these cunts in China over the phone”

“Site unseen [ha ha ha]”

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